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Apologize-a-Phobia (The Fear of Saying Sorry)
The invisible consequence of never “standing up to yourself” to admit fault is this: you unknowingly become your own God! You cannot be wrong. So you flip your accountability with any idea or distraction that works. But if you sacrifice maturity for comfort, how can you grow? How can you move forward? This is the “chess” move on a “checkerboard.” So you watch out…. for you!

As if being “bored on this board” isn’t bad enough, it actually gets worse. Staying still causes movement on the inside because guilt is a busybody, psychologically. Escaping consequence is nothing compared to escaping the need to explain, defend, bribe, a past action that you don’t even own (temptation owns it!) Spiritual irresponsibility ruins your whole platform for achievement … unless your philosophy keep changes the definition of winning. Even then, you’re sporting invisible trophies to an even more invisible crowd. To never say, feel, or be sorry isn’t leadership, like so many say. It’s a trick from below; it’s an obstacle against purpose. It may not take you off the board, but it will take you out the game.

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Do you remember which character had Apologize-a-phobia?

  • The Cab Driver
  • The Blind Architect
  • The Shy Girl

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