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Jumping Foolishness

Inside any conversation, think “lions-and-tigers-and Fools… oh my!” Who can bear? (Proverbs 17:12) Today let’s discover the homonym effect between the 2 core wishes that every fool has. Fools desire “attention” and “a tension.”

Fantasy of “Attention.”
Think about it. A character who craves a platform to reveal his own mind… without any type of knowledge. How can they overcome this dilemma without betraying the pride of their empty mind? Wisdom understands that fools merely flirt with wisdom, to hi-jack the platform. Of course Fool’s aren’t in a conversation for the knowledge! The proof is in the repetition, their absence of growth, and your emotional exhaustion afterwards. Fools make fun of its efforts toward them. Think about this, the next time you’re explaining anything. You could be in front of one of them.

Fantasy of “A Tension.”
Imagine for a moment what stimulates a fool. They pledge allegiance to their own personal pride, yet need to market it everywhere like a commercial. To get attention, they need “a tension:” a brick wall of a predicament to complain about constantly to no avail. This romanticizes their opinion without the isolation, and gives them a false sense of purpose. Why do you think politics is such big business? This need is its origin, that’s why!

How do we notice these people? Read The Top 25 Signs of a Fool : the spin-off commentary from The Parable of The Counselor’s Gift. But we are ready to “jump folly” so it’s no longer an obstacle!

This lesson from WordPlay Character Eugene.
Eugene was the mysteriously hungry restaurant customer, who was super-sized in the smallest of ways in The Parable of the Waitress’s Tip

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