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“Well this is witty and a great way of making religion more interesting!”

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"Lovely. Allegorical Bible commentaries (parables) and teachings are powerful. I like how the scripture references follow each thought to show the association and reveal truths in God's Word."

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Using Your Yellow Highlighter Wrong?

We’ve all seen it: a bible filled with sincere notes, book tabs, circling, underlines, and of course that yellow highlighter! So the intention to grow in The Bible becomes a visual, but not necessarily a practice.  Therefore the full spiritual download of scripture is betrayed. Could the reflex of our yellow highlighters actually be the beginning of our tendency to forget? Is that yellow marker a temptation to be parallel to our academic nature, preferring traditional visuals of a church? 

Now imagine a more effective design of a highlighter which doesn’t mark your page; but marks your mind instead in a fun way. The spiritual goal is to maintain the ability to translate our lifestyles into accurate scriptures for our walking life right now. We must remember them. But how? Exactly what is this fun, quick, and easy way to memorize bible scriptures? Welcome to WordPlay!

Toss your yellow highlighter for good! WordPlay is an all-in-one bible study method for Sunday School teachers and bible-lovers alike. For all ages, knowledge is instantly increased through this fun treasure hunt for scriptures.

Let us compete with the visual of our focused Bible through new parables animated by scriptures easily worthy of any highlighter! With this new bible study design, we can finally become a walking highlighter ourselves!           


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A Cozy

A crime mystery mixes amnesia with family drama and a tricky little sister. Symbolism and Book Club Questions included.

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