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A Very Different Checker!
This next obstacle is a teammate in spiritual structure. It one of those rare things God allows to rule over our lifestyles with an invisible strength that would impress Samson! That is unless or until we adjust ourselves! But unlike any other obstacle, this same “checker” can actually truly play for you to win if you simply acknowledge that it’s there and has influence. I’m talking about a “checker” called Cause-and-Effect.


You Can’t Jump!
Here’s the thing: only God can jump Cause & Effect for you. HE did it big time with Jesus (John 3:16). And HE does it daily through miracles which basically interrupt nature, finances, and the rightful reflexes of Cause-N-Effect. So you can’t jump; God must jump it for you. But there’s good news in this predicament. 

Cause & Effect is like a private verdict on how accurately your self-perception is. If you remember “when Jacob becomes Job (Book 1),” Cause-N-Effect is an opportunity to keep your heart humble measured and humble. Specifically, humble enough to never see Cause-N-Effect as an obstacle! Take this opportunity!

The alternative? That parabolic moment “when Jacob becomes Job” is also a temptation to double-down on your bad decisions for more unfriendly consequences.

Being in denial or simply feeling above Cause-N-Effect leads to unchecked behavior, which blocks humility and makes you vulnerable to each & every spiritual equation in the book of Proverbs. You will reap what you sow, whether you believe it or not. Boycotting your responsibility to adjust your decisions will sustain this cycle where cause-and-effect can strike whenever it wants. And it will always truly trace back to where this is all your fault. And there’s a word for all of this. It’s called “a curse.”



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