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Jumping Inner Pain

There’s a short joke where a car salesman approaches a smiling guy standing in the lot.
“Thinking about buying a car?” The Salesman asks
“No… I’m going to buy a car. I’m thinking about the girl next door!
I find this innocent joke both cute and a good role model for a healthy perception. You shouldn’t be thinking about the day-to-day routine; your aspirations and your dreams should be on your mind more, even as you certainly accomplish your responsibilities! Let me prove this. There is a scripture in The Bible that states that “a rich man’s wealth is like a brick wall to his imagination.” Interesting that the Bible takes time to recognize imagination as a good, naturally, arguably necessary experience! After all don’t and imagination and faith have a lot in common?
See the secret to “thinking about the girl next door” is a faithful awareness that you can do anything in Christ, who strengthens you, remember? But if you constantly dwell on something smaller (routine, tradition, responsibilities), which is strategically lower than your effectiveness, you will trap yourself inside vanity every time, I promise.
Now… get inside this joke with me. But I’m going to change some words around. Instead of “thinking about buying a car,” I’ll ask you:
“Are you thinking about ridding yourself of their stress?”
Say “No… I’m going to rid myself of this stress (…). I’m thinking about the meaning behind that verse in Proverbs!
Now here are a few more. Respond to each one of these.

  • Are you thinking about getting God to love you?
  • Are you thinking about getting your prayers answered?
  • Are you thinking about living your best life?
  • Are you thinking about breaking that bad habit?
  • Are you thinking about being at peace?

God Bless You.

Wandering and confusion from a hope deferred heart (Proverbs). If you make your pain the main character, it changes your whole story. A preference like this will block success because, after all, that’s not the theme of your life. Feelings of pain are animated by consistency, ongoing proof; there’s simply no room for anything else. Innocently think about the girl next door.

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