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A Stranded Celebration
& Christianity's Biggest Problem Today

Overcoming Lukewarm Behavior
Willow was the loveable child detective in search of a delicious secret in The Parable of the Desert’s Dessert.

Just imagine something with me: a young and obnoxious, rebellious teen who seems uncontrollable (was that hard to envision?) Now picture that same teen being approached by a music producer or movie director saying “I can make you a star.” Finally, imagine how willing that uncontrollable teen would be towards their direction to fame. How many times do you think Hollywood could successfully say “take it from the top?” And what is the psychological difference between them and the frustrated others? It’s not what you might think. I’m gonna show you how we Christians can all act like teenagers sometimes.

First, let’s discover the deeper reason why the music producer or movie director could change that uncontrollable teen. Was it simply an appetite for fame? Quite arguably, that teen is already famous enough for being bad! So here’s another idea: it’s because their change was motivated by a visual that could uplift them completely from anything they see as an obstacle. And that’s the one thing that rules and traditions never do. So can we compete with Hollywood? Yes we certainly can. In fact, we don’t even need a visual for a future celebration with microscopic odds. We already have a visual of the past for a future celebration with the invitation extends to everyone! Welcome to Christianity.

One of the biggest missing links in Christianity today: we’ve been spoiled by choice. Unlike that teen, we have lost that truer vision of God making us a star, and spiritually “uplifting us completely from anything they see as an obstacle.” Even with communion and our church traditions, very few of us Christians truly enjoy this “stranded celebration.” Very few of us understand that our “salvation” came before the chicken-OR-the egg (metaphorically speaking). And for that reason this “desert” seems too dry and unaccomplished, lacking “fruits (or dessert, remember?).” Then you-know-who plays on this perception. But the good news is that this artificial environment only looks this way when Christians don’t remember this Stranded Celebration. We’re born again! We survived our fate! And yes, Jesus is coming back! So keep your head up and keep your eyes open.

God Bless.

A Delicious Christian Mystery!

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A Christian Mystery
Book Description:

A desert land for 'new creatures' turns into a treasure-hunt, as child detectives pass a delicious secret like a baton between themselves about "the dessert in the desert." And as this slow uprising races with the quicksand, it is mysteriously up to Willow to protect this secret, make the discovery, and become a sweet benefit for everyone looking to 'have their cake and eat it too.'