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Jump “The Frenemy.”
You can find this combined word (friend & enemy) in the dictionary. It describes “a person who is ostensibly friendly or collegial with someone but who is actually antagonistic or competitive.” But why? Why would someone put all that effort into a fake & platonic friendship? What is their real motive? Believe it or not, they are simply waiting for you to be vulnerable. The Frenemy can seem like the easiest person to talk to, as if the diary itself was inspired by them! But what are they gonna do with your sincere talks?

True concern is like a surgeon who is able to separate the pain from the shame (result) Example: A real friend will find creative ways to help without even addressing your pain unless you want to! And there’s a word for this: “unconditional love.” The alternative appetite against you becomes a weird game of being exposed in vain, and trading your shame for a help that never truly satisfies your dilemma. Simply put: your need needs a more authentic platform of Christian friendship. 
So let’s jump over this obstacle we call “The Frenemy.”


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