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"Lovely. Allegorical Bible commentaries (parables) and teachings are powerful. I like how the scripture references follow each thought to show the association and reveal truths in God's Word."

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In this story, did you notice that:
  • Eden’s initial smiles with Mr. Right were "shared” before their story even unfolded!
  • Mr. Right (God) replied "immediately” to Eden’s email.
  • Angel already had Mr. Right’s home number!
  • The name "Eden” was chosen to symbolize a psychosocial "beginning” relationship with God.
  • The last name "Right” is short for the theme of "Righteousness.”
  • Lucy never appeared in the story without "candy (trickery).”
  • Besides the misunderstanding, Eden began with the wrong motivations (can you spot them?)
  • The angel warning against being "turned into Lucy” references Lucifer’s downfall.
  • Lucy is a nominal pun for Lucifer.
  • Lucy’s "intern” title suggests "voluntary career intent (meddling trying to eventually be God).” She not an actual employee.
  • Angel’s "union rep” position is a metaphor for "protection.”
  • The phrase "fairly credited Lucy” was inspired by God asking Adam "Who told you [that]?”      
  • The scene where Eden’s "eyes open” reiterated Genesis 3:7  in actual Eden.
  •  Angel’s interest in Eden’s relationship superseded her rebuke to Lucy.
  • The fear of Angel, from Lucy, animated "rebuke the devil and he’ll flee from you.”
  • Not once did Mr. Right end a conversation with Eden (She hung up on him!).
  • Eden’s inner appetite to taunt public opinion facilitated of her embarrassment.  
  • During the Eden’s suspicion, Mr. Right could’ve replied, "we are the same image (Genesis 1:26)!”

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