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Many are called. Few are chosen.
This scripture is the moral of the story The Wedding Feast. And to understand it, you must concentrate on the "invite."

Quickly, Here's the Story
Father of the Groom extends a wedding invitation beyond the original guests to ANYONE. Food is ready. Later, he notices one guest without wedding clothes on. So he kicks him out.

The Wedding Invitation
Jesus' parable uses the code phrase "weeping and gnashing of teeth" to clearly state the setting (for the kicked out guest). Simply put "absolutely ANYONE can be saved. But just because Jesus died for EVERYONE doesn't mean God's gonna grandfather you in. We must do your part by honoring HIS Holy environment.

  • Original Guests = God's People (Israelites)
  • Now Anybody = All Mankind

This was because Jesus went on the be crucified not inside the temple, but outside the temple (enables salvation for absolutely anyone!)

  • The Food is Prepared = God's Master Plan (Prophecy Fulfilled)
  • Jesus = Lamb of God (Sacrifice)

Wedding Clothes
No one dresses up without "looking at themselves in a mirror." The mirror is a symbol of The Bible (by Peter). Before your final presentation (Judgement Day) "adjust" your clothing to whatever you are "seeing" you need to from "sagging" to "spotted" unclean "stains" from the past, making sure everything "fits" biblically! The Bible is the mirror to "look sharp." (sharper than a 2-edged sword to be exact.)

  • The Speechless Guest = Unrighteous Man

Notice that the story never suggests that his clothing wasn't "his choice." That's why he was "speechless." Otherwise he would've just said, "I can't afford good clothes." But Jesus is a free choice to everyone.

Final Point
See, there's a difference between "come as you are" and "be as you are." Anyone who can't say amen to that is simply being spiritually irresponsible, way too "casual" with their spiritual covering (clothing).

And this is why "many are called, few are chosen."

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