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Apologize-a-phobia (& the Cure)

Show me a perfect location for a secret war, and I'll show you the heart of a man. Same wilderness, same adversity we've read about from Exodus to Judges; only this battle is within. A New Testament brings new nicknames for the struggle (self-esteem, inner child, limbic system, subconscious) but it’s all the same. It's a passionate journey to that "Promised Land" on the inside, past that "golden calf," and around those Jericho-size towers of bondage, on a Joshua-like mission. And with those psychological Pharaohs and Philistines long gone, you might picture that same heart abounding in power and freedom. And you'd be wrong. The children of God today live in constant fear of being invaded by their own human nature.

It’s called Apologize-a-phobia: the fear of saying, "I’m sorry." Symptoms range from insomnia in the soul to guilt contamination in the heart. And it’s the most overlooked mental illness of all time. Trust me, I’ve seen them all. As it taunts the nerves just like Goliath, this condition is the new "golden calf:" an altar to sacrifice everything on just to protect one’s shame: friendships, family, reputation, even their own life! And sufferers don’t understand the paradox of being willing to die for their secrets, while claiming that God is first in their lives... (to be continued). 

Learn more about these sufferers. And find how they get this way (Genesis 3:10-11)? Is there a cure?

Read more inside the Book 2 (Page 76) and "do the one thing Satan can’t do: get back in the game!"

There’s nothing that God can’t forgive.

God bless you.

* Apologize-a-phobia was the health condition of the The Blind Architect

Take the "Time to Rebuild" Challenge!
Your homework, due next week, is to go on a "forgiveness tour.” You are to contact past family members, mysteriously estranged friends, and relationships that came to an abrupt ending. Say the following:

"I am on a forgiveness tour. And I want to perform for you next! So [name], if there’s anything that you feel I owe you an apology for, I want to hear it. I can't promise you I will apologize (how authentic would that be?). But I DO promise you that we will not have a fight. And I thank you in advance for helping the truth to set me free (John 8:32)”

You’ll get extra credit if you draw out information that you would never have known from this assignment. Afterwards, submit your experience below.

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