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The Top 20 Signs of a Fool

Which would you prefer?

  • to bear someone's foolishness?
  • to be foolishly in front of a bear?

Well King Solomon had a louder scream for one (Proverbs 17:12). And wisdom agrees that the real stampede belongs in our civilized society! No rain forest or jungle can hold a candle to a fool in their natural habitat. And here’s why:

A fool speaks like an alcoholic drives (Proverbs 17:7), crashing into conversations with their tongue running down every "yield" or "stop" sign on the road to Their Way (or The Highway) with no "coverage." Be their passenger if you dare. Feel the emotional hit-and-runs. Peek at the absolutely "totaled" relationships in their rear view mirror. And bond with your seat belt. Do these fools ever check their "blind spot?" Do they ever signal? And is a fool simply "under the influence?" Unfortunately it's much more deliberate than that my friends. It's more of a purpose than an "accident." Let's pull them over through scripture.

The Top 20 (Biblical) Signs of a Fool: hands folded (Ecclesiastes 4:5 & Ecclesiastes 10:12), self-medicating laughter (Ecclesiastes 7:6), and a boycott on what's reasonable. Silence is their only camouflage (Proverbs 17:28). Always standing up for their downfall, fools insult hope and stumbling off the same obstacles all their life (Proverbs 4:19). A true fool only flirts with imported thoughts to support their addiction to ignorance (Proverbs 18:2). Picture their restraining order on knowledge (Proverbs 1:7) and imagine diplomacy itself as their bodyguard. Yet they're only spiritually unapproachable. You can catch these characters with an economic entourage of designated thinkers. It’s a self-racketeering experience (Proverbs 26:3)! But, they're just too patronized to see this. 

Fools can’t even secretly blend in with the more innocent of social offenders (personality disorder sufferers)! Whoever has ears, let them hear a slight accent in their accountability, meaning that their apologies sound more like an offer to tutor the offended on their ethical mystery (where they have seniority). And there’s no riddle to their anger that’s so easy to see (Proverbs 12:16) when it doesn't work. Not even a psychologist could intervene without scripture. But a fool’s equation all ‘adds up’ in the Bible.

Fools want to camouflage their intimidation. It's a Cain-and-Abel relationship with wisdom itself: they secretly know their sacrifices aren't enough and clash with God's favor. So the misplaced anger becomes that foolish environment which outperforms an angry bear (Proverbs 17:12). Behold, another (self-made) angry earth customer (Proverbs 19:3). Wisdom finds it difficult to pity the fool.  

"Lions and tigers and fools... oh my!" Follow the yellow-heart-road to this wilderness of existence. Forget that bear! Observe a fool building a dam with an actual "damn!" Watch them swing like monkeys on vines of intoxication (Proverbs 20:1). But beyond the spiritual dam they've built, where nothing gets through, what's even scarier is their tendency to hallucinate even when sober (Galatians 6:3)! In the school of life, these class clowns never understand that they themselves are the real entertainment! As they are blindfolded by their ego (Ecclesiastes 2:14), campaigning for their own downfall (Proverbs 18:6), you can’t help but laugh. But if their "ears that do not hear (Jeremiah 5:21)” ever decide to listen, I would tell them it doesn’t have to be this way. I would echo the sound advice, "Let your laughter be turned to mourning (James 4:9) (Ecclesiastes 2:2),” give your perception a proper burial (I Corinthians 5:13), and finally live the life God has in store for you. Until then, I present to you the Top 20 Biblical Signs of a Fool.

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