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Inside the parable of The Blind Architect, did anyone get a good look at the crew's construction tools? Let's glance together.

Observe The Spiritual Toolbox below as it animates a unique, do-it-yourself kingdom! it is worth pondering what we can build spiritually with our own God-given skill. What exactly are we equipped with before calling on our favorite Carpenter (Mark 6:3)? Today charity versus dominion. God Bless!  


You've heard it before: "Give a man fish and you'll feed him for a day. But teach him how to fish and you'll feed him for a lifetime."

We can simplify this saying to "charity versus ability." And ability wins every time in every area, even spiritually! Tell me something: do you believe the biblical equivalent of this motto has a preference between the two:

"Give a man a fish (isolated blessing)."
"Teach us how to fish (make your own anointed way)."

Nobody's trying to "rock the boat" with a control-taking philosophy that sounds "fishy." These scriptures speak for themselves with a clear preference (Genesis 1:26-31, Psalms 82:6). And it's agreeable. Receiving charity (fish) is not bad! But the original, CEO of the earth, who shares God's image is worthy of the latter: to learn how to fish (create their own anointed way). All too often, Christians are spiritual doormats with their God-given authority. And it's about as logical as price-bargaining for last year's calendar: worthless and outdated. These are New Testament times my friend! So get your fishing pole out. And prepare to "rill in" the tools to do-it-yourself (Ecclesiastes 2:26).

TOOL # ONE: Wisdom. In the Bible wisdom is depicted as a woman, holding riches and honor in her left hand, and long life in her right (Proverbs 3:15). Apparently Solomon was already smart for choosing the "tool (wisdom)" over an isolated piece of salmon (charity) (II Chronicles 1:10). As as result, he ended up with the whole blessing combo: riches, honor, and long life (II Chronicles 1:11-12). Mathematically, [Seek Ye First = Wisdom]. 

Or maybe you should just wait on the Lord (for charity)? Consider this: the word "patient" is found in the Bible only nine (9) times. And three (3) of those times pertain to the rapture. A few others celebrate the Holy Spirit and a good wife. So really, the patient concept shines only 3 times. On the other hand, would you care to guess how many times the word "wisdom" can be found? It's two hundred twenty-two (222) times. That might give your blessing needs a little more perspective.


So how do we get this tool? Simply, and faithfully, just ask God (James 1:5)(Proverbs 2:3-6). And when we completely posses this "tool," then seeking financial or medical "fish," if you will, wouldn't be necessary. We can create it through wisdom.
TOOL # TWO: Knowledge. I believe we've "hooked" Hosea 4:6. Rill it in please! And as you do, let's address the difference between wisdom and knowledge? How are they not the same? Well, with special thanks to our founder, "Wisdom is like a coach celebrating with it's player (knowledge) after winning the championship (Jwyan C. Johnson, 2011)!" So now we're getting to the labor part of decision-making. Knowledge is a hands-on, informative, scavenger hunt for betterment.

Now it's important to recognize God's personality in this scripture (Hosea 4:6). God actually takes the rejection of knowledge so personally, that He promises to opt out of your issue Himself! And what's worse, is you're fired by even the thought of priesthood or grooming. Maybe that's why "many are called. Few are chosen." It's not a Heaven lottery which places our effective church leaders! Instead, it's the attitude towards acquiring knowledge.

But where does knowledge come from? Would you believe me if I said Knowledge comes from (a specific) fear? See for yourself (Proverbs 1:7). That's right! "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge." Specifically, fear and reverence are synonymous. Tell me how can you completely obey what you don't completely fear? And how then can we expect complete knowledge, which is useful for complete wisdom, which results in complete blessings? Most Christians fail right here. God is slighted right here. Many so-called, tribulation-claiming, Christians are guilty of a paradox:
  • Late to (an effective) church (when they come). But they have perfect attendance at their job.
  • Finally worked up the nerve to invite the beautiful girl downstairs. But they only "flirt" with the Man Upstairs.
  • Will cram all night for a college exam. But they haven't studied their own heart for decades.
  • Will sacrifice their comfort to a slot machine. But they treat faith more like a hobby.  
  • Know the HTML codes to link their pictures. But they think "Habakkuk" is a typo right now (it's a book in the Bible).
  • Tune into a celebrity's interview thoroughly. Yet, they haven't read God's emotional tell-all interview in Jeremiah.
Who are these people fooling? Do they think the Gospel is a chain-letter? A diet, maybe? Or is it as easy as lukewarm passion being in denial? Welcome to the consequence of invisible question marks.

Here's the equation: [Fear of the Lord = Knowledge]. Knowledge isn't only power. It's also a protector (Ecclesiastes 7:12). Do you "know" what happens to men who love pleasure (Proverbs 21:17), who ignore discipline (Proverbs 13:18), men who posses waywardness and complacency? (Proverbs 1:32) Knowledge is the biggest shortcut you can ever employ in your life. So get all you can (Proverbs 10:14.)
Finally, TOOL # THREE: Joy. Many people use this term too loosely nowadays. Real joy is a gift that can only be given from God. In Proverbs 15:15: "All the days of the afflicted are bad, but a cheerful heart (or joy) is a continual feast." This is why so much worldly surveillance follows them. We're talking about a heavenly imported emotion. Add to that, it can't be cloned, interrupted (without permission), or sold. And with this download from the Holy Spirit, we epitomize the mystery, the envied target of anyone currently outside our inside experience. All the mocking, scoffing, competition, strife, and plotting (Psalms 35:20-21) are merely "fruits" of an unattainable desire (Galatians 5:22-23).
So what is the artificial alternative to joy? It's called satisfaction. And it doesn't last. Experiences from drugs, riches, and all fleshly pleasures expire. Many of them only last for seconds. But joy, just like love and every other touch from God, lasts forever. How many of us remember the children's church song entitled, "Joy-joy-joy?" Later on, it lyrics "...down in my heart [your possession] to "stay" [forever]." If you live your life without real joy from our God, you'll never get past your spiritual craving for happiness. You'll live your whole life only negotiating with your heart's hunger, and never truly stopping it (II Peter 2:9-10).

The Lord used the same tools to create the world (Proverbs 3:19-20) Surely we can establish our path and lives, to a certain extent! I believe that man's dominion is overlooked during prayer because of God's eternal mindfulness. But how can our "cup runneth over" if we drink straight from the faucet?
It's not an issue of pride to enforce our "dominion." I'm inclined to believe God enjoys hearing "I got this" from a confident, anointed, spiritually independent believer. So instead of waiting for a single "fish," let us become fishers of dominion and eventually, fishers of men (Matthew 4:19.)

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