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In the parable The Hidden Smile, did you realize the merry-go-round (salvation) was a symbol of the Earth’s rejoicing potential? And who realized that the name "Justin” is a double entendre on the phrase "(this) just in (!),” meaning news (gospel) to spread? See more Scenes & Symbolism below! 

  • The story animates the questioned origin of shame felt by Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 3:11).
  • It’s was Justin’s "late arrival” which became the instrument for altered perception ("we’re playing teams… it’s Us against Them!).” This scene was dedicated to Hosea 4:6
  • The story’s polarizing "smile” epitomizes a universal, attainable, lifestyle choice for all.  
  • The inner effects during Justin’s hiding were all "natural consequences.” His preference to blame Them is describes and overly-orthodox and/or Pharisee mentality.
  • The geography of Justin’s viewpoints is metaphorically emotional.
  • The story never says the little girl was in the tree the whole time. It merely depicts someone "coming from above” as a messenger.
  • Justin’s ongoing loyalty to his (traditional) team somehow became a lonely experience.
  • The "little advisor” is "hidden” from the story itself, after his manipulation.”
  • The claim that this game has "been over for a while now” reflects the Old Testament.
  • The "OUCH” and "dusting off” reflexes from the little girl are literary tributes to all Jesus’ disciples (Luke 9:5). 

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