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Let's Fix their Fix!

Forget cocaine and heroine; it’s little league. Venture into supernatural drug dealing by Satan, all laced with the seven deadly sins. It's the only "fix” that breaks everything else up. And it's found in a world without reason (Proverbs 4:16).

Their incredibly  low "highs" will have them running from their own shadow (Proverbs 28:1), and treating everyone’s disapproval like a seasonal allergy (Proverbs 11:23). Their relationship with truth, is like what Judas was to Jesus. They'll betray everything except their comfort levels. Meet these supernaturally addicted hearts who whisper, "got the stuff?"  Out to score strife and abominations, they'll rob your diplomacy and sell it! They'll pawn anything for a "quick fix" (golden rules, silver linings, broken promises, family values, etc.) And when wisdom interrogates them, they set off a smokescreen of rhetoric discouraging a deeper look into their dysfunctional ways. Here are a few:

  • "Well life isn’t fair!” = [Translation: Please pardon my lazy perception]
  • "Get over it!" = [To bully their own regret]
  • "…And? ...And?" = [Translation: I'd rather be embarrassed to a rhythm!]
  • "Whatever!" = [instrument for escape]
  • "That’s just the way it is!" =  [The proud culture of unaccountability]
  • "Anyway…" = [Translation: I bet my foolishness can overshadow your ethics!]

Now if these sound bytes fail, prepare to feel like an architect as they'll now argue over "size" of significance of the issue. It sounds like this:


  • "Oh, that’s not a big deal.”
  • "Aw… come on. This is so small!
  • "You’re making this out to be such a huge ordeal!”
  • "Compared to ( X ), this is nothing!”

I had no idea you need to argue with a ruler in hand! A wicked heart is like a magic wand that somehow turns a victimized girl into a tease. It can turn silence into an innocent kid who was "asking for it.” But as many magic tricks as they’re doing, nothing disappears. None of their plagues vanish. And they must manufacture their own applause. Their scorning presence is like a lion's den surrounding a pure heart. Certainly Jeremiah was not alone when he asked, "Why do the wicked prosper (Jeremiah 12:1)?” Here’s how it seems that way: they have a monopoly on politics. And they invest in traditions and diplomacy to use as a shield. This way, when a righteous person calls them out, the good guy appears to be out of order, rude, unprofessional, misinformed, or even the real culprit (Mark 3:22-23).

Do they mind being called cowards? Not really. Fear itself is their dominatrix, meaning they submit to it and enjoy it at the same time (Proverbs 10:24). The Self-Cheater displays artificial confidence with a choke-hold on that voice inside. And if that’s not conflicted enough, they live in a justice bubble that only POPS when someone wrongs them! Even a hypocrite is amazed to see these adult tantrums as they scream "no fair" to karma.

Common ground? Please. Everything about a Self-Cheater is either too "under" or too "over." They're overdosing, underhanded, overwhelming, underachieving, overbearing icons of embarrassment. In fairness, they can't understand this. 

SOLVE FOR X: Enough already! I’m here to fix their "fix” and offer a Heavenly drug called "love.” It lasts longer, and it doesn’t cost a thing. No side effects, no disapproval, no damage to the soul, no sin, and no peer pressure! One dosage fits all! And this "stuff" is worthy enough to be God’s nickname (I John 4:8). "Just say yes" and recovery can begin.

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