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Dividing Division: How to Truly Battle & Overcome Strife
From the bible checkers game let’s “jump over division” with Roxanne!
bible study commentaryRoxanne was the mysteriously strong child who proudly wore a hat of airplane pieces, eventually helping Willow on a mysterious treasure hunt in The Parable of The Desert’s Dessert

Stranded in Togetherness:
Can you fill in the blanks to this familiar song? : 

“Jesus loves the little children. ( ___ ) the children of the world. Red or yellow, ( ___ ) or ( ___ ), they’re ( ___ ) precious in His sight. Jesus loves the little children of the world.”

And those same “children of the world” grow up to be adults, ALL with their own receipt of God’s Love. So why has our harmony amongst people gotten worse as we’ve grown older?  It’s because we continue to fall for Satan’s favorite tactic which is the spiritual version of divide-and-conquer. Whether it is jealousy, racism, prejudice, bias, or unfounded indifference, the goal is always the same: strife.

Strife itself is a venom from that old serpent. And both in and out of this metaphor, if you panic and get emotional, it only spreads faster! Now does this mean we should etch-a-sketch our victims of the past, or rebuke our natural emotions toward this social villain? No. We can actually do better than have the right to be angered; we can have the anger to be right. We can strike strife with more precision, making the real culprit below feel it. And we can sidestep each other during! I’m Roxanne (from The Parable of The Desert’s Dessert). And I’m gonna show you how to do just that. Get ready to “rock sand with Roxanne!”

Here’s the Dividing Division, Win-Over-Strife Formula:

  • Discover the REAL Target
  • Ready
  • Aim
  • Fire

Discover the REAL Target (Ephesians 6:12)
“The best target to aim at is directly at your enemy’s…. strategy”- Machiavelli

That’s right! And since Strife’s goal of division must manipulate you, this is exactly what you aim at: manipulation! Forget about the person and focus on their approach which is leading them. And you probably already know which of God’s gifts aims directly at manipulation? Welcome to the wonderful world of Wisdom! This divine gift is so intimidating! It’s like a Transformers toy switching back-and forth between these two protections:

  • Bodyguard (around unsuspecting strategy against you) 
  • Invisible Repellent (to people who know you have wisdom)

And the reason is simply this: you’re wisdom will ruin their strategy! It’s like a bouncer at a club protecting the party of your heart. Wisdom vs Manipulation? It’s no contest.

Ready … 
Even in my own story, and just as easily, one idea turned all children against all adults! That was almost as fast as the quicksand, right? So where do we go wrong? Our hearts simply aren’t ‘ready!’ And, just like in my story, it usually starts where the ‘grass is greener.’ Take anything public opinion idolizes as better than before, better than yours, or better than theirs, and there’s an inner change for purposes too embarrassing to say out loud. For example, no one (I hope) would pray word-for-word things like:

  • “God, please bless me more than them” 
  • “Lord I want this so this other person I don’t like can envy me.”

But it’s a familiar setting because envy is a familiar substitute for love! So the beginning question is, “is our heart truly ready?” When it is, let’s go to the next step. 

Aim … 
Christian aim is “peculiar.” I’m talking about aiming with your absent appetite for what strife and division has to offer. Imagine King Unimpressed on his throne rejecting the storytellers, the dramatics arts of Strife. So the entertainment frantically offers more and more, unaware that you’ve already discovered that the real “greener grass” is when you don’t need to play these social games… because your spirit is whole. You don’t necessary even need the help of to accomplish this. Simply ask our shared Lord to place “the love of God” in your heart “to relax you from the ways of the world.” And, just like fasting, you’ll feel an ongoing comfort that doesn’t need to recharge or defile itself to stay balanced. But even more importantly, you will be immune to this us-against-them, I’ll-show-them, and why-do-they-hate-me advertisements! That’s the ultimate Christian riddle: how can anyone strategize against a person with no weakness? It’s impossible! You’re aim is your sincerely above-it-all license as a ‘new creature’ in Christ. But as King Unimpressed’s kingdom becomes more exalted, these tactics will change against you. But, boy do you a grand finale waiting for them. Ready… Aim…

Striking evil with perfect Christian aim involves what Jesus instructed of His disciples: “be as shrewd as a serpent, but as innocent as doves.” When we’ve been spiritually responsible, we have authority in His Name to simply cast these spirits (or strategies) out, provided we are wise enough to see them. Always remember:

“Wisdom will have Delilah’s plans ‘cut short’ before it lacks the strength to.”  -Jwyan C. Johnson

Division requires betrayal, and betrayal is attracted to trust beforehand. You cannot be betrayed by a stranger. These are the only entries into the heart. So as your wisdom stays on the lookout (for these inner appetites in others around you), don’t be afraid to rebuke their intentions if they get too close to your heart, okay? Rebuke them in the name of Jesus. And in the interest of free will and fair mercy, this is always a final weapon of last resort. And it fits perfectly underneath your tongue: a gift from the King of Kings.

So there you have it, more effective aim at this target that usually laughs at the parallel retaliations of its fools that  it never feels. Be “quicker than quicksand” And watch stress “flee from you.”