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The User
Imagine a single “checker” controlling a “pawn” on a checkerboard. It keeps you physically on the board, but takes you off it in every other way. And then, this same obstacle make you for this game for them! This piece that sounds like “peace” strikes too often right our eyes! We call him The User.
Here’s a hack into The User’s technique to control other:
Isolate with high flattery now. Isolate with no flattery later. Then wait.
Here’s how this wicked plan works: The User looks for someone they suspect has low-esteem, no support, or both. Then they pose as the happy ending of a friend or lover who sees them like God sees them. It’s a buffet of active appreciation! And as soon as it’s clear they depend on The User’s attention, and theirs only, The User suddenly stops.  And, to fix this mystery, The User makes their way out, his way in. Emotional racketeering is a fair phrase since The User charge them for their own self-esteem!
Unfortunately it works on many. Some will only value The User’s opinion, theirs and theirs only. Nothing an outsider says or does will matter. And since, The User’s mentality is the only one their victims subscribe to, these same victims might the helper for The User!

Users have the wrong recipe for happiness. So they have foolishly changed the “taste.” They see manipulation as their gift.

The User usually hides behind informal leadership roles. And if you look closely, you’ll see a social mystery of people always leaving them! And you should too! Here’s how to jump this obstacle:
To jump in general, simply understand and remember that God’s opinion of you is the only one that matters. Take a look at some of the scriptures below showing how God sees you.

To jump strategically, always remember that The User’s is practically allergic to self-confidence and good Christian company. So begin by understanding and rehearsing to yourself the way God sees you. Here are a few scripture below. Here is a biblical mirror from the only opinion that matters.


Picture a coach without the sport, and that’s them: full of demands “if you can take it!”

As for The User’s method, we talked about how it works. Now let’s explore why it works.

“The flatterer spreads a net at the feet of the won being flattered ( Proverbs ) ”

Advice: always prefer empathy over sympathy. Empathy is actively willing to get in your shoes emotionally. Sympathy is rarely as active in cure and sometimes has political avenues. Ironically the very word “sympathy” has “path” and “my path” “and y my path” right inside it!

 And here’s an opportunity to “double-jump” because, believe it or not, it is possible to become your own self-user! It happens when you have the wrong motive to be celebrated. If you remember me in the story of the Counselor’s Gift, many people didn’t completely uncover the symbolism behind the very last thing the secretary said to me. Some of our wisest readers even pretend they didn’t understand because it begins a deep and spiritually ambition to really change their ways. Read it again to see what is hidden by choice.



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