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Faith Phobia?

How many prayers does it take to screw a lightbulb? Well it really depends on "the place" of your Faith, right? Anyone who begs to differ will most likely sound    

Well... you sound like Abraham when he had Ishmael. He felt a need to "help" God with this matter. But later, just as God promised, came Isaac.   

Do we do this too? Do we interrupt the delivery of an answered prayer by doing it ourselves. How much does anxiety play a part in this? And is this truly a part of the faith process? Finally, is this simply an obstacle of a matter we call Faith Phobia?  

When did prayer require our unspoken interventions to "help" God? Here are some motivations toward this:

  • They feel timely pressure to advertise Christianity.
  • The the intent of their prayer is a mistake (like praying to be envied).
  • They misinterpret the phrase: "God helps those who help themselves."

Unless you believe that God is has a blessing disability, there's no reason to include this Home Depot reflex when you pray, especially if you need a miracle! 

There's a difference between a complex trial and simple anxiety. Many mistaking one for the other. Therefore, they still have homework from Faith.

But wait-a-minute; doesn't the Bible say that "faith without works is dead?" This is true. But these works cannot be a substitute for faith. That would be like selling your car for gas money!

To learn more about the teamwork of Faith and works, we offer you a free book: Faith & The Parable of The Blindfold. Special thanks to Christian Parables. God Bless.

Faith Phobia is one of those rare obstacles where you might have to jump over yourself! See yourself the way God sees you. And see your temporary dilemma the way God sees it. Much different sizes, huh? God Bless.