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Jumping Suffering
The difference begins here “Immature vs. I’m Mature” similar until you “spell it out.”That’s why it seems easier for them! There’s a part of them that is simply waiting for life’s events to balance them out ethically (since they won’t do it.) They’ve already profited off of their offenses; it’s their platform. So sin to them, a like a business instrument, where they compete and try to make a profit with their sins. So when what goes around comes around, they do call it reaping what they sow, they call it “just business” and continue in same immaturity. Their philosophy is like a pillow for their head under pressure.

So now here comes a more mature, self-adjusted, and Christian individual. Our suffering is less seasonal, more mysterious. And it’s emotionally harder because we don’t have this “guess-it’s-my-turn” philosophy to back on. The problem, allegedly, is that you don’t have their philosophy to comfort you when you suffer. Now if this is animates you perfectly, all it means if that you have innocently forgotten who you are in Christ. Who needs their philosophy when you have God’s truth! Just keep this Awareness is a psychological prophecy taking place every day amongst the anointed.  



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