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“Well this is witty and a great way of making religion more interesting!”

“I liked finding the scriptures at the end. When I looked the passages up, it helped to explain some of your imagery and symbolism that I didn't quite understand initially.”

"Lovely. Allegorical Bible commentaries (parables) and teachings are powerful. I like how the scripture references follow each thought to show the association and reveal truths in God's Word."

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Editorial Reviews

Editorial Book reviews for this unique bible memory method of New Christian Parables See Book Review Sources

WordPlay: New Christian Parables by Jwyan C. Johnson is an incredibly innovative and creative book where the author has opened up wonderful new perspectives to understanding the true meanings of the parables. This book is not about Christianity, but rather it is about the messages given to people to lead honorable lives. The formatting of the book is excellent. The cover is charming and focuses on the ‘family unit,’ in keeping with the focus of the book. The author explains at the outset that a parable is a communication tool used to animate understanding between others through fiction. In this book, the author has skillfully interwoven inspirational short stories with morals as a direct story combination of new literature and biblical animation: several scriptures sharing the same short story scene! The setting is imagination; the main character is the will of God.

There are too many wonderful parables to comment on individually, but I felt that each one has an electric beauty positively affecting the reader to the core. The morals are many, yet none are unknown to anyone – they are merely ignored by most people who are too busy in their lives to reflect and realize that morals make us stronger to meet life’s challenges. WordPlay: New Christian Parables is about learning how to overcome baser emotions; about overcoming temptation; about walking the right path. The effortless connection that each modern story has with the scriptures is memorable and the many links, story symbolisms and links to the actual parables and relevant biblical scriptures are really wonderfully placed. This is a 5 star book, both for the ordinary man and the theologist. Well done, Jwyan C. Johnson.

- Reviewed by Deepak Menon from Reader's Favorite

Memorize the bible with new biblical parables of christian mystery!See Book Review Sources

I like the idea behind Jwyan C. Johnson’s WordPlay New Christian Parables 2: The Lawyer's Lullaby & A Maze In Grace. I like the idea that the Bible can be fun and relevant to modern life, as well as a great learning experience. My mother is Southern Baptist. My father is African Methodist Episcopal Zion, usually referred to as Sunday of my life up until I was sixteen. So I know my Bible. You could say I overdosed on it because for a long while after I was out in the world on my own, the last place I wanted to be was in a church. But the teachings and habits of youth, especially those instilled in us by our parents and the respectable members of our churches, are hard to break free from. I might not ever have wanted to break free of the church if the lessons of the Bible had been presented to me in the fulfilled, interesting manner used by Jwyan C. Johnson in WordPlay New Christian Parables 2.

My version of WordPlay New Christian Parables 2 has a live link to a website that is as colorful and full of fun ways to present the Bible as the book itself. Jwyan C. Johnson has created a book that can be used as a great tool to teach kids the moral lessons of Christianity without boring them to tears. Adults can learn from WordPlay New Christian Parables 2 also, but even more important in my opinion is that the entire process can be done together as a family. I highly recommend this book to every Christian family with kids in the house. You will enjoy the parables, the fun facts, and activities, and move closer to each other as you move closer to God. I wish I had discovered this book before my kids grew up.

Reviewed by Ray Simmons for Readers' Favorite


A Christian Riddle about Faith for Family Devotional and Bible Study GroupsSee Book Review Sources

Faith and the Parable of the Blindfold by Jwyan C. Johnson is a Christian read that gives biblical scriptures throughout various short stories. In the first story, Thomas Walker visits a doctor to obtain a second opinion regarding his skin's sensitivity to sunlight. Oddly enough, Thomas is visiting a doctor named Faith, that his friend Christian has referred him to for this second opinion. The story was a good read because as the story unfolds and Thomas agrees to try physical therapy with Dr. Faith, he says that he doesn't see how it will help but he realizes he has nothing to lose.

Faith and the Parable of the Blindfold tests your faith through symbolism. This was an easy read because it gave a different insight to the Christian faith and was a great way to help learn different scriptures. Although short in length, it was very well written and done in a creative way that enabled the reader to understand exactly what was intended by the author. At the end of the book, all of the symbols in the stories are identified to help give an even better understanding of what occurred in the stories.

Throughout the book, scriptures are referenced for continued understanding which is a bonus. The overall goal seems to to be to get people to better understand scriptures and it’s a great idea for young teenagers. At the end of the book there are questions as well as a skit that encourages the reader to push even further when trying to gain a better understanding of the scriptures used. The skit is also an outstanding way to hold the attention of readers of all ages.

Jwyan C. Johnson has done an excellent job with this book because it packs a punch and makes one wonder beyond reading the story. I found myself smiling at the scriptures and having a better understanding of how they should be interpreted. This is a good read from beginning to end and I would definitely recommend it to others with preteen children.

Reviewed by Tiffany Davis for Readers' Favorite

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