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“Well this is witty and a great way of making religion more interesting!”

“I liked finding the scriptures at the end. When I looked the passages up, it helped to explain some of your imagery and symbolism that I didn't quite understand initially.”

"Lovely. Allegorical Bible commentaries (parables) and teachings are powerful. I like how the scripture references follow each thought to show the association and reveal truths in God's Word."

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Now There is an Innovative, New Way to Learn the Bible!      Through Stories. Grab It Now!

Instead of learning the bible through traditional means of study, make your learning experience interesting and enriched with the new bible learning technique from Christian Parables. It helps you imbibe what you need to know about the bible quickly. The new learning technique here makes use of new and easy means to understand mystery stories and help you memorize bible verses, parables of Jesus, and bible topics faster.

What Is So Unique About The New Way Of Learning The Bible?

When you learn bible in the traditional way, it may be difficult for you to imbibe quickly. You will take time to learn verses by heart. But with the new bible learning technique, you will learn it really fast as it makes use of fun fictional stories that are original, full of mystery and symbolism. As you read them you will be completely absorbed in what they are telling. You will be able to understand everything much better than you normally would have. These stories are a script on the scriptures but without the contrasts given by the verses, hence they become easy to follow. This new technique of learning is not just beneficial for you but also for your family. Share it with everyone and see how they find it to be so enriching. It is a wonderful supplement to your Sunday school learning. This new learning technique from Christian parables is very interactive. You can make an instant replay of scenes and use the scripture as clues to resolve a story. You can interact with the character of the story through challenges. There is also an index for quick referencing. Everything here is really inspirational giving you a wonderful understanding of all that you should know about the bible. You will be surprised at how fast you will learn and how much you enjoy while learning. Learn bible the new way by downloading the Christian Parables application. It’s not going to take much time to do the download. You can start learning in just minutes. Jump to specific sections that you want to learn in just seconds. Try out a free demo before you buy. You can take it wherever you go by downloading it to your tablet or reader. These stories given here are food for imagination. They make you wonder about the wonders given in the Bible scripture and transform your bible learning into an enriching experience.  

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